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Let’s Make IoT Real Together!

Let’s Make IoT Real Together!

Building a smart city means tackling the real problems people and companies face day to day in ways that add value. JOS’s approach towards helping clients find the best solutions can best be described as ‘pragmatic’. Explore how “pragmatic” gives companies the best return: Aligning technology with purpose to make cities smarter.

The Connected Cities Conference 2019

JOS joined “The Connected Cities Conference 2019” to showcase innovations for the next generation of city living. The conference featured smart cities and technologies from around the world including IoT and Data Analytics to enhance a city's liveability, workability and sustainability.?

Check out the full report on citizen’s opinions on the smart city development according to the latest Connected Cities survey by KPMG China.

Panel Discussion

Great discussion about the inspiring IoT projects, the technology challenges across different sectors and cities, and the valuable application to Hong Kong.

JOS Managing Director Mark Lunt at The Connected Cities Conference 2019
Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director of JOS
at The Connected Cities Conference 2019


Panel on Stage at the Connected Cities Conference
The Connected Cities Conference 2019: The Innovation Panel

JOS’s IoT Solution Framework

Based on our IoT solution framework to connect sensors with business application to reveal business value, we showcased a facility and space management solution:

JOS Booth at the Connected Cities Conference
The JOS booth at the Connected Cities Conference 2019

Data collected from the IoT sensors will only make sense and create business value if it can be integrated with existing enterprise systems. But bridging data from sensors with legacy systems is often the major bottleneck in IoT. JOS’s team helps you ease these difficulties and make IoT Real.

IoT Partnership Series

Facilitating green buildings

Green buildings are the foundation of a smart city. JOS is excited to work with En-trak to take advantage of IoT technologies to build a smarter Hong Kong. Find out how IoT helps to monitor and reduce carbon emission in buildings.

Managing Physical Operations

Connecting the digital and physical world has never been easier with the maturity of IoT. Bringing innovation to businesses has never been more valuable with the partnership of award-winning developer MotherApp and reputable IT services expert JOS. Find out how this partnership brings IoT and AI to create success for businesses.

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Have a query or need more information about IoT? Contact JOS at + 852 2565 2011 or [email protected].

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